Michael O’Malley

Associate Professor of Art, Sculpture

Email: michael_omalley@pomona.edu

Office Hours: M, W 4-5 pm; T, Th 8:30-9:30 am

Research Interests:

Through strategies of play, pleasure and interaction, my work focuses on the shifting dimensions of the built environment, kinesthetic experience and social relations. I build sculptures and installations that frame the body in a particular way. In so doing viewers become implicated in the psychological contradictions of detachment and intimacy, power and futility, comfort and control.

Recent Courses:

  • ID 001 PO Critical Inquiry Seminar
  • ART 199 PO Directd Problems in Studio Art
  • ART 199 PO Independent Study in Art
  • ART 025 PO Sculpture I
  • ART 126B PO Sculpture II-Casting: One & Many
  • ART 126B PO Sculpture II: Casting & Multiple
  • ART 126A PO Sculpture II:Fabrication & Body
  • ART 192 PO Senior Seminar/Project in Art