Sheila Pinkel

Professor of Art, Photography


Office Hours: M,W 11 a.m.- noon


Research Interests:

Indochina; Hmong; War and Representation, Photography; Computer Graphics; History of Photography, Light Phenomena, Archeoastronomy

Recent Courses:

  • ART 199 PO Directed Problems in Studio Art
  • ART 123 PO Documentary Photography
  • ART 099 PO Ind Std: Studio Art
  • ART 199 PO Independent Study in Art
  • ART 180 PO Junior Seminar
  • ART 125 PO Photography & Poli of Represntn
  • ART 020 PO Photography I
  • ART 122 PO Photography II
  • SPEC191 PO Special Major Thesis